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VCU Brandcenter student project.
Boomerang is the sister network to Cartoon Network that hosts all the classic shows such as The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear and more. 
As adults, we have a lot on our shoulders to stress us out and keep us busy. We need something to get our minds off of the chaos of the world and relax, destress, and have fun. Watching classic cartoons such as the Flinstones and Looney Tunes temporarily transport us to another world, take us back to easier childhood times and help us Escape Reality.
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OUT OF HOME (click to enlarge)
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The 'Toon-In' is a brunch cafe designed around your favorite childhood cartoons. It features a curated menu, interactive games and fun, comfortable decor. (spatial renders progress)
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Boomerang Bash, played on the Nintendo Switch, is a battle game where you can play head to head against some of Boomerang's favorite cartoon characters.
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In Collaboration with:
Caleb York (CW)
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