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VCU Brandcenter student project.

Pampers has been a trusted partner for parents since its beginning in 1961 and is dedicated to every baby’s happy, healthy development. But you can't think about baby without thinking about Mom.

When women feel the isolation of motherhood they seek solace in a sense of community whether that is in person or online. 

Happy, healthy babies start with happy, healthy Moms.

The Nest by Pampers

The Nest by Pampers is a haven for Moms and will alleviate the isolation of motherhood by creating a community for them.

With it high population of young families, it will be launched in Atlanta, Georgia.

the nest in atlanta.jpg
pampers render11.png

The entry space features a graphic wall and front desk where mom's can check in, sign up for classes, and pay for items.

pampers render13.png

To the right of the entry is a small Pampers store that will stock essentials like diapers and wipes as well as more Mom centered items like clothing and water bottles.

pampers render9.png

The central commons area has comfortable communal seating for lounging, conversation, and waiting for classes. Surrounding room such as the studios and childcare center have half glass walls for transparency and to bring an openness to the space.

pampers render12.png

There is a small cafe bar for snacks and drinks for purchase as well as a few tables to enjoy them at. Stairs and an elevator lead upstairs.

pampers render18.png

Free childcare is offered while the mom is attending a class or using the facility. A small kitchen is attached to the space.

pampers render15.png

Two studio spaces are used for classes such as yoga, meditation, and lamaze. A large mirror and open windows create an airy feeling.

pampers render3.png

The open upstairs area has more seating in a "library" setting, equipped with pregnancy, mommy, and mental health books.

pampers renders7 copy.png

Classrooms upstairs are set for roundtable discussions and small presentations.

pampers render5.png

Quiet rooms and rooms designated for breastfeeding moms are located on both floors for more private time.

nest app4.png
nest app5.png
nest app1.png
next app2.png
nest app3.png

APP (click to enlarge)

The Nest app allows users to scan into the space, find events, book a class, and connect with other moms.


Class packages allow moms to feel empowered and in control versus being tied to a membership.

First Specialty Class is free

Drop in rate: $25

5 class package: $100 ($20/class)

10 class package: $190 ($19/class)

20 class package: $360 ($18/class)

Rendered space made by myself using Cinema4D.
In Collaboration with:
Barbrianna Adams (AD)
Kelsey Cowan (XD)
Emily Thomas (CMB)
Halle Sinnot (CBM)
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