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VCU Brandcenter student project.
Sometimes you forget your body needs to be fed.
Luckily, Soylent is a "ready-to-drink-meal".
That means it's a bottled shake packed with all the nutrients, fiber and protein you need from a meal. It has a long shelf-life and is perfect for lives lived on the go.
Nourish Yourself, Idiot.
PRINT (click to enlarge)
soylent print finals-01.png
soylent print final FINAL-02.png
soylent print final FINAL-03.png
OUT OF HOME (click to enlarge)
soylent outdoor posters.jpg
soylent subway.jpg
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soy insta phone6.png
soy insta phone2.png
soy insta phone3.png
soy insta phone5.png
soy insta phone10.png
soylent vending machine.png
Soylent vending in airports, public transit stations, and college campuses.
Phone charging station in airports.
soylent charge 3.jpg
soylent charging station ads-01.png
soylent charging station ads-02.png
Soylent "Meal Kit"
soylent open box2.jpg
soylent closed box.jpg
soylent how it works-01.png
Traveling Soylent truck on college campuses selling meal kits and merchandise.
soylent truck final.jpg
soylent water bottle.jpg
soylent notebook.png
soylent pop up.jpg
In Collaboration with:
Upasti Basappa (CW)
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