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Hello and welcome to my commissions page! I love art and creating and I'm excited to be able to bring that to you. Below you will find all the details of what's possible with my commissions along with a form to fill out at the end for inquiries.

Base price for all commissions: $30

* Price will increase and vary depending on art medium and size of final piece.

** Shipping will be included in final price for orders made outside of Richmond, VA

General Price Range

  • Digital: $30-$60

  • Paper drawing/painting: $45-$80

  • Canvas painting: $60-$100+

My work leans on the side of realism and I specialize in architectural and landscape subjects. However, I can produce art in a variety of subjects including nature, animals, still life, graphic vector style, and typography. 

Venmo or PayPal payment preferred

Please include in your commission form your desired art medium, size and subject matter. If you would like to include a specific reference image, please include a link or email that to me separately at, or I am happy to take creative liberty on any description included.

Commission Form

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you shortly.

You can contact me directly at

Other examples of my work can be found in the "Arts & Things" tab

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